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Creating a unified brand for manufacturing


Faith Manufacturing, a reputable company, is proud to have been an early innovator in CNC manufacturing world known for its exceptional quality and dependability. Faith, one of our renowned brands, stood out as a beacon of integrity and strong culture.


While Faith’s service earned the deep trust of its customers within the oil and gas community, they were not as widely recognized in the broader global market compared to larger competitors. Recognizing the untapped potential, Faith approached us with a clear objective: to enhance the brand's reputation, drive greater engagement, and lay the foundation for future sales growth.

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We took on the challenge wholeheartedly. Our dedicated team devised a comprehensive strategy to elevate the brand, ensuring it receives the recognition it deserves. By implementing targeted marketing initiatives, we aimed to expand Faith’s reach, capture the attention of a wider base, and foster a stronger connection with its target buyers.


Through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to create a compelling narrative around Faith’s exceptional quality, highlighting their unrivaled reliability, and focus on Faith’s American base of operations. By leveraging various marketing channels and employing effective storytelling techniques, we sought to increase brand awareness and generate heightened engagement among consumers.

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Our goal was not only to elevate Faith’s presence but also to establish a lasting impression that resonates with individuals who value integrity, quality, and dependability. Through our strategic approach, we aimed to build trust and loyalty among existing customers while simultaneously attracting new ones.

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As we embarked on this journey, our mission was clear: to propel the Faith brand to new heights, foster greater engagement, and lay the groundwork for future sales growth. Through our unwavering dedication, expertise, and innovative marketing strategies, we aimed to help Faith thrive in the competitive landscape.



Our holistic Marketing 360° experience, guided by data-driven insights and impactful creative solutions, ensured the seamless delivery of tailored messaging at every touchpoint along the customer journey. As a result, we achieved increased sales growth as well as enhanced brand awareness and increased long-term brand loyalty.

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The Brand It Consulting Group team has helped Faith Manufacturing rebrand and move into the digital marketing arena with ease. Always friendly, always responsive, and a true partner to our business. Their team has exceeded our expectations by delivering top-quality work and helping us achieve our goals. They give our account their best, year after year.

-Cas Webster, General Manager at Faith Manufacturing

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