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Creating a unified brand for manufacturing

Evans Cabinet and Doors

Developing strategic brand messaging and 360-degree marketing for a custom cabinet door maker so they can grow into their positioning. 


For thirty years, Evans Cabinet and Door has offered exceptional craftsmanship throughout Central Texas - where every cabinet door is meticulously tailored to their customer's precise requirements. 

Wanting to grow the awareness of their customized offerings, Evans reached out to Brand It Consulting Group.



While Evans had the expertise and capabilities to build the finest cabinets and doors this side of the Mississippi, they weren't getting the online traction they deserved. An outdated website, lack of focus, and wrong messaging kept the team from attracting the clients that would grow the business. They knew cabinets but were unsure how to make an impact in today's crowded market. 

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Step One


We began with a deep dive into the existing brand, their target audience, competitors, the cabinetry idustry, business structure, and their goals. 

Step Two

Brand Identity, Message, and Design

We then developed brand identity, message, and design to attract and convert the right potential clients.

Step Three

Website Strategy & Design

Next, we designed and developed a new website to showcase their expertise and drive inbound leads. An extenstive SEO strategy was included. Additionally, we designed new printed marketing materials to help their sales teams convert new leads. 

Step Four

Content Strategy

Once the website was launched, we developed a robust content strategy to position Evans Cabinet and Door as industry experts. This included blog posts, social media content, and email newsletters. 

Step Five


As an ongoing client, we continue to manage all aspects of Evan's brand and marketing efforts. 

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Brand Identity

Brand Messaging

Brand Design

Website Design and Management

Content Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Collateral

Print Design

Lead Generation and Automation


Our holistic Marketing 360° experience, guided by data-driven insights and impactful creative solutions, ensured the seamless delivery of tailored messaging at every touchpoint along the customer journey. As a result, we achieved increased sales growth as well as enhanced brand awareness and increased long-term brand loyalty.

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