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Let's be Direct about Direct Mailers

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

How can they help your business grow?

Let's be Direct about Direct Mailers blog

When someone mentions the words “Direct Mailer”, do you know what they are talking about? Most people would say “Yeah, junk mail.”, but it can also be so much more!

The Targeted Advantage!

Let’s begin by discussing what people mean when they are talking about direct mailers. A direct mailer is a source of marketing that is physically mailed out and delivered to a potential customers mailbox. Examples of direct mailers could be flyers, post cards and those all-too-common notifications letting us know our vehicle warranty is about to expire.

Do People Actually Read Direct Mailers?

You may be thinking to yourself “You want me to send out junk mail in order to grow my business?” or “Why waste money on something a person is just going to throw away anyway?”. Not true! According to Image Cube, it was found that most people are more annoyed with pop-up internet ads versus receiving ads in the mail. In fact, more than 25% of internet users install ad blockers. Companies that send out samples in the mail to target groups usually use USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc. When was the last time you didn’t open a mailed package from one of these carriers? The answer, never. Direct mailers work and here is why.

You Get Mail! You Get Mail! Everyone Gets Mail!

It’s a simple fact that everyone gets mail somehow, some way. Whether it includes going out to the mailbox or a trip to their post office box, everyone gets mail. The USPS found that 77% of people sort their mail immediately upon pulling it from their mailboxes. This means your direct mailer is going to be seen! What are these future potential customers doing while walking back to their house or car? Reading their mail. Reading what your business has to offer them!

reading direct mailers

Direct Mailers Make It Personal

Receiving direct mailers inside a mailbox causes the recipient to interact with your brand or company. The person must physically handle the mailer in order to decide if they are going to keep this piece of advertising gold you created or toss it in the garbage. A definite way to keep those mailers from hitting the trash cans is to include some sort of coupon or promotional offer to attract their attention. This is your one chance to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to learn more about your brand.

Make Your Mailers Creative and Stand Out!

It’s the little things. Direct mailers can bring up feelings of nostalgia for the recipient. Depending on how large your target area is, you can include something simple like a handwritten note[GU1] or sign the mailer directly with your signature. When a potential customer sees this, they see that your company has gone just a little bit further than most to make this experience personal. Direct mailers are a great way for your company to get as creative as you can be! According to Mailchimp, to promote World Water Day, one company sent out direct mailers with a message that was only visible when soaked under water. A Brazilian gym gave out calendars to their customers with cutouts in the shape of a man and a woman. As they flipped back each month, the silhouettes of the people got slimmer, imitating the effect of consistently working out. Get those creative juices flowing and create something your target audience won’t forget.

unique direct mailers

Mailer Created. Now What?

You have created your mailers, now what do you do with them? A few steps that each company must remember to do are simple. First and foremost, proofread them before sending out!! For potential customers, this mailer may be the first interaction or first impression they have of your company. Do you want it full of spelling and grammatical errors? Make sure the content makes sense your message flows easily. The person receiving the mailer should not be looking at it, wondering what you are trying to promote or what your brand does. Have someone not affiliated with your brand look them over before they are mass produced to prevent errors.

Follow Up with Folks-Tracking Results

An important step you should remember to do is to follow up and keep track of those that respond to your mailers. The folks responding are most likely going to be more receptive for future marketing campaigns that your brand sends out. The most effective way to track the effect your mailers have on the public is to make sure the mailers have a unique way of identification. This can be done by using a specific phone number the recipients call, a trackable URL, QR codes, or coupon codes. One tip for phone numbers, is to make sure the number you list, is local. This makes your audience feel more comfortable calling. If using a URL, make sure it is specific to the direct mailer campaign. This will allow you to use your sites analytics to determine the number of people that visit your website because of the mailer.

tracking direct mailers engagement


In short, this world has not gone completely digital and probably never will. Direct mailers work and if you want them to work for you, call us. At Brand It Graphix, we have the technology and equipment to design creative and productive direct mailers to get your brand out there to new customers.

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